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Business Cards - Standard Paper Stock

Business Cards - Standard Paper Stock

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Our standard stock business cards are perfect for all businesses, whether you're a freelancer or work in a small company. Choose one of our many design templates and add your information to create your own custom card.

Our business cards are great for professional businesses seeking a low-cost, high impact way to get their name out. They're also a popular choice for startups and entrepreneurs looking to stand out from their competition.

Your business cards are your first and only impression, so it's important to do everything possible to make them stand out. Select from a variety of stock and custom designs to create your own business cards!

350gsm cardstock

  • Print file requirements

    • JPG, PNG and SVG file types supported
    • Maximum 50 MB (JPG, PNG) or 20 MB (SVG)
    • Print area size 7500 × 10500 px (300 DPI)
    • Maximum resolution 25000 x 25000 px
  • 500pc / case

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