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Custom Napkins - 7x7" Luncheon Paper Napkins

Custom Napkins - 7x7" Luncheon Paper Napkins

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Avg Production Time (New!)

12.5 Working Days

Print Provider

Samso Printers Inc.


  • 3 Ply Paper

Soft & Absorbent


Q: What is your color requirements for artwork?

A: We print in CMYK. For the most accurate color results, please convert all artwork to CMYK before submitting.

Q: What is your MOQ for custom printing?

A: MOQ is 1,000pc / Case

Get ready to spice up your table game! 😎 Our Custom 3-Ply Premium Napkins are the real deal when it comes to adding that extra touch of awesomeness to your meals. 🍽️

These napkins aren't your run-of-the-mill kind; they're like a canvas for your creativity. 🎨 You can choose from a variety of colors and upload designs to match your style.  Plus, they're not just pretty faces – they soak up spills like a champ, so no more dinner mishaps! 💦

Want to show off your brand or just add a personal twist to your gathering? No problemo! Slap on your logo, a catchy slogan, or your best dad joke, and voilà – you've got personalized napkins that everyone will be talking about. 🤩

But that's not all – our napkins are eco-friendly, so you can feel good about keeping the planet green while you dine in style. 🌍

Ready to take your table setting to the next level? Grab our custom napkins and let the good times roll! 🎉

Print file requirements

  • JPG, PNG and SVG file types supported
  • Maximum 50 MB (JPG, PNG) or 20 MB (SVG)
  • Print area size 7000 × 7000 px (300 DPI)
  • Maximum resolution 25000 x 25000 px
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    • Ashley J.

      United States

    • HKB Group

      United States

    • HKB Group

      United States

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    Care Instructions

    Store in a dry, cool area away from liquids

    • Define Your Brand Identity:

      • Your napkin design should align with your brand's image and message. Use consistent colors and typography to reinforce brand recognition.
    • Keep It Simple and Functional:

      • Avoid cluttered or overly complex designs that can distract from their main function. Simplicity often works best. Your logo, brand name, or a simple tagline can be effective elements to include.
    • Consider Your Target Audience and Environment:

      • Take into account the overall dining atmosphere and décor to ensure your napkin design complements the surroundings.

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