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Custom Laminated Double Side Menus - 8.5" x 11"

Custom Laminated Double Side Menus - 8.5" x 11"

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  • Durable Performance Polyester
    Crafted to endure daily use and abuse, our polyester material offers the same versatility as paper while maintaining its stylish appeal. Boasting a substantial 345 GSM weight for added quality.


Q: What is your color requirements for artwork?

A: We print in CMYK. For the most accurate color results, please convert all artwork to CMYK before submitting.

Q: What is your MOQ for custom printing?

A: MOQ is 5 Menus per case

Q: If I order 5+ menus, can I add more than one sign design?

A: 5+ menus will come with the same menu design, if you want separate designs, please order each design separately.

Revamp your restaurant's vibe with our full-color, double-sided menu – it's the real deal! 🌟🍔

Menus aren't just dull pieces of paper; they're like your brand's wingman! Our menu takes your restaurant to the next level, making your delectable dishes shine with vibrant, eye-catching colors. 🍕

But here's the icing on the cake – it's grease-proof too! So, no more worries about those accidental spills or splatters. You're in the clear!

Say goodbye to blah menus; it's time to elevate your advertising game. Your food will look as exclusive as it tastes, and your brand will be the life of the party. 💃💼

Level up your menu game today – your food deserves the spotlight! 🌮🌟

  • Print file requirements

    • JPG, PNG and SVG file types supported

    • Maximum 50 MB (JPG, PNG) or 20 MB (SVG)

    • Print area size 8500 × 11000 px (300 DPI)

    • Maximum resolution 25000 x 25000 px

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Care Instructions

Remove the sign when you are not in business, store inside until your next opening

  • Add QR codes for advertising

    Add QR codes to your menu so customers can view online, connect with you, follow you, leave reviews and subscribe to your mailing lists!

  • Use a premade template

    Choose from a list of already made poster templates by professional artists for your next advertising idea!

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