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Adjustable Metal Sign with Insert Poster - 11" x 17"

Adjustable Metal Sign with Insert Poster - 11" x 17"

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Frame: Aluminum

Sign: Glossy Paperboard


Q: What is your color requirements for artwork?

A: We print in CMYK. For the most accurate color results, please convert all artwork to CMYK before submitting.

Q: What is your MOQ for custom printing?

A: MOQ is 1 Sign and Poster per case

Q: If I order 2+ signs, can I add more than one sign design?

A: 2+ signs will come with the same poster design, if you want separate designs, please order each design separately.

Get ready to turn heads and liven up any room with our top-notch custom printed framed poster sign!  Whether you're gearing up for a new ad campaign or just want to display your awesome products, this is the ultimate solution to get your message to the public.

Picture this: a crowd of curious onlookers, and your custom poster sign stealing the show! You can customize the design to make it fit your every need. No more generic store bought posters – this one is tailor-made for your brand's message by you.

Whether you want to rock the indoor scene or conquer the great outdoors, it's up for the challenge with sturdy metal framing. Plus, the standing pole and poster frame are adjustable, ensuring everyone gets a peek, no matter the height or angle. Additionally this package includes a non-skid base to keep the sign from moving or falling.

Upgrades include Integra chrome that will make your poster shine! Step up your game and let your brand shine bright with your new sleek custom poster signs.

  • Print file requirements

    • JPG, PNG and SVG file types supported
    • Maximum 50 MB (JPG, PNG) or 20 MB (SVG)
    • Print area size 7500 × 10500 px (300 DPI)
    • Maximum resolution 25000 x 25000 px
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Care Instructions

Remove the sign when you are not in business, store inside until your next opening

Suitable for outdoor and indoor advertising

Using sand and water, your sign will keep stable in windy weather, dust storms, rainfall etc.

Insert different signs for different occasions

The sign holder is available to meet your needs, which can be used to display ads, flyer, menus and more, perfect for home, office, school, restaurant, church, hotel, trade shows, reception areas, weddings, etc

  • Add QR Codes for Advertising

    Add QR codes to your menu so customers can view online, connect with you, follow you, leave reviews and subscribe to your mailing lists!

  • Clear and Concise Messaging

    Keep your message simple and to the point. Use easily readable fonts and choose colors that contrast well. Ensure your sign communicates the most important information effectively.

  • Know Your Target Audience

    Before creating a sign, understand your ideal customers. Consider their preferences, interests, and needs to design a sign that resonates with them.

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